Build a Website Network
It takes teams to move the way we do because no one succeeds alone. So we share our community projects with clients that wish to be involved.

Getting Started

Success is doing what it takes to hit the mark. 


Start the plan that brings brands to life.


Create a website or blog using WordPress.


Lead the network on your website to grow.

So you can move forward, it helps to have a web platform in play and site design ready to go that works.

Here is how to build a website network.

Consisting of pros who make audio and video works, Indie Host is a group of its own. Because we help our clients build a network to run the careers that suit them. Websites are a safety net to catch the fans who want to keep up with you. They also give your clients and teams what they need to move forward. So, we share posts from the websites on our network. Likewise, we want our clients to grow with us as we move to more in the community.

Music Networks:

Our music networks stem from the digital audio workstations (DAW) we use to make products. As the Indie Host project grows, we create audio drafts to spark ideas and share them as downloads. 

  • Ableton Live
  • FL Studio
  • Reason

Social Networks:

We use our social networks so that we can reach guests with the latest news. Because we do not allow free public join ups on Indie Host, these channels connect with guests instead. 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Private Networks:

The private networks are for Indie Host clients and teams who want to earn with us. Likewise, our groups consist of website owners who want to see results from their efforts. 

  • Clients
  • Teams

Build a Website Network at Indie Host Today!

Indie Host is a web project made to serve site owners. The Indie Host Method is the process we use, so see the results of our products. To build a website network takes more than words can express. Although we try to smooth out a rough path, it takes focus and drives to get from A to B. 

Our goal is to help you start your dreams’ career, so we team with our web clients. We aim to help you build a website presence because it is the best way to connect with the world. While maintaining total control of the information they share, our clients win the influence that helps them earn cash. 

Furthermore, it helps to have a network that you can count on when you need it. So, we organize our company to market our clients when they have a ready site. The ones who hire us have a complete starter site in thirty days, so you can relax while we work the hours. We can discuss post schedules and more from there. However, if you want to control the website, we give you the tools to learn and master the designs.