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Indie Host can help you to build an online presence for your brand and create your music website that engages fans, sells merchandise, and provides gig info.


Indie Host has the tools and expertise available to help musicians build an online presence that works for them.

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Stunning Music and Artist Website Design from Indie Host

Every artist needs a place where they can engage with their fans. Indie Host helps anyone establish a modern, intuitive, and dynamic website while catering to the wishes or whims of their fans.

Modern Website Building Tools

The web development field has evolved over the last decade. Today, you can design a completely integrated web presence for artists using the latest tools like WordPress and the Divi Theme.

Divi allows Indie Host to:

  • Design your site in a visual editor, speeding up the development process.
  • Create a design that works perfectly for the music and entertainment industry.
  • Use the latest web-development components for quick and dynamic (responsive) components.
  • Provide customers with the tools needed to make changes by themselves confidently.

You can check out one of our custom-designed templates (called MUSIC BLOGIC) to see what is possible with the WordPress Divi template and music website builder.

Benefits of Working with Indie Host for Music Website Design

Artists need to have an online presence as you never know from where the next collaboration or touring opportunity will come. Indie Host strives to remain open and honest while creating added value to the project, working with musicians and artists to build a platform that drives their future success.

The benefits of working with Indie Host include:

  • Experience in the music industry and web development since 2001.
  • Dedicated resources with full customer support and hosting services available.
  • Web design solutions that are dynamic and come with mobile device optimization.
  • Begin a website that has social media integration and embedded video/audio plugins.

We believe that the best way to grow a fan base is by having your best available material to those looking for it. You can use our services to ensure you are always available to your fans with maximum uptime when we host your site.

Indie Host’s Music Website Design Services

To ensure your site attracts visitors and engages with your fans, you’ll need modern features that make interaction easy. With our toolkit, you can build a platform that fosters fan participation and industry collaboration.

Indie Host can help with features like:

  • Setting up a newsletter signup page to grow your mailing lists.
  • Register and host your domain name.
  • Support your website with an easy to use incident reporting system.
  • Improved SEO for the site and social media integration.
  • A built-in event calendar and site analytics showing how fans use your site

You can use our domain registration tool to see if your preferred URL is available here.

Using Indie Host as Your Music Website Design and Hosting Company

We are committed to helping artists and industry professionals broadcast their skills effectively using an enjoyable experience. At Indie Host, we realize that collaboration and engagement drive the creative process and help others achieve their dreams.

To this end, we partner with every customer and ensure they receive the necessary support and guidance while creating their music website and digital portfolio. 

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