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If you want to know how to build a music website, we lay it all out for you. Here is our music website design process from start to finish.

Indie Host – Our Process

Indie Host is here to help every artist take control of their online presence. The way the industry works today is radically different to twenty years ago, giving artists and creatives control over their work, image, and brand.

Our goal is to help artists streamline this process, enabling them to build a digital platform for content distribution and fan engagement. We use the latest web development tools and practices to ensure a consistent look and feel, with an overarching design flow that perfectly fits our customer’s persona. To achieve this, we follow a logical process to create a website that addresses all design concerns and criteria.

Indie Host Music Website Design Process

We provide music website design services and support for any situation. We can help you build a complete distribution platform and a store that automates your merchandise sales. Helping you establish a music website that drives your projects and creative work remains our number one goal. Here’s how our process works and how it enables you to achieve your success.

1. Finding Your Domain Name

The first step in our process is to help you find the perfect domain name (or site address) for your band or group. We’ll help you secure your domain before you start building your site, as this is one of the most critical steps in creating a consistent web presence. You can use our domain search and registration service from here to find your perfect domain name.

2. Choosing Your Website Template

We use the Divi WordPress template as a music website builder to speed up the development process and enable our customers to take control of their website designs. The Divi template from WordPress comes with a host of features and different functionality you can pick and choose. We’ll establish your plan and give you the tools to make changes in the future. The Divi template comes with hundreds of different complete site designs and dozens of individual features to improve your fan’s experience.

3. Choose Your Hosting Services

Indie Host can provide complete hosting and design services for your music website. Once you’ve chosen your template and what you want to include on the site, we’ll work with you to build it and show you how to maintain it. If you need post design and publish support, you can sign up for a complete service where we’ll ensure your site remains secure and help you make any required changes in the future.

4. Post-Publish Support Services

To help you keep your site online and secure, you can use our post-publish support services. This gives you access to complete support and an easy way to file support tickets (either for design changes or maintenance requests). All help is available remotely, giving you access to expert technical services at a moment’s notice. 

5. Updates from the Industry

We also keep track of the latest industry news and developments. Once a new feature or trend arises, we’ll let you know and help you quickly and easily implement the solution. Indie Host’s goal is to keep you up to date with new distribution channels and to ensure your information (or site) remains secure. We’ll let you know of all the latest developments and how these updates can benefit your website via our blog page.

6. A Dedicated Knowledge Base

Indie Host also maintains a knowledge base of current information to help you find answers quickly. As the world of development and entertainment rarely intersects, we’ll make the information relevant to your music or entertainment website. Our knowledge base will give you the latest information about WordPress, Divi Builder, and our expert music website building services.

Indie Host’s Commitment to Our Creative Customers

Our goal is to help creative individuals build platforms that help them distribute (and control) their work product. Indie Host started because we have a love for music, want to support artists, and can provide a distribution system that suits today’s bands and groups. We’ve been doing this for almost twenty years and have extensive industry experience, working with different professionals before deciding to launch this service.

You can work with Indie Host to start your online music platform and learn along the way, empowering you to take over control when needed (and if you want to). As we’ve been doing this for decades, we know what will work and how to build a music site that can scale in the future, cater to your fan base’s requirements, and ensure your work is discoverable (using SEO optimization) from anywhere in the world.

To find out more about our services, you can read our blog (and links to popular music and development pages) or get in touch with us today. We’ll help you determine what you need, find a URL that works with your brand, and design a robust platform that caters to all your music distribution needs.

To create a website for your music using Indie Host’s services, register with us today.