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Using the Divi theme's visual designer can help you build dynamic and responsive music websites. Learn more about the Divi WordPress Theme today.

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You can take WordPress development to a whole new level with the Divi website builder. Let Indie Host help you build an online presence that works and scales with your fanbase. We have decades of experience using different website development platforms and can help any artist to make a unique, engaging web experience for their fans.

Since 2000, the way people listen and discover music changed drastically. Any band or group (or industry professional) can benefit from broadcasting their work using a website. Divi web builder for WordPress is one of the latest open-source innovations, and Indie Host can help you use these tools for maximum digital exposure.

What is WordPress and Divi Site Builder?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) that allows you to build and publish websites. From its inception in 2003, WordPress depended on a community of programmers to improve the tools and features of the platform. WordPress is one of the most popular software tools for creating digital content and publishing media from users worldwide.

How WordPress Works

The platform provides users with WordPress themes they can use to base their websites on. A theme may be free or open-source, depending on the team that built it. Once you choose a theme, you can modify the layout to suit your page and content. By 2016, WordPress already powered about 75 million websites. It’s one of the most popular platforms available as it remains predominantly free, with a large community of contributors working to improve the features and plugins.

What is the Divi Website Builder?

Divi is more than just a WordPress template; it’s a design and build platform for the WordPress ecosystem. You can visually design your site without resorting to any coding (unless required for more complex features and integrations).

The Divi web builder helps you build dynamic and responsive websites, making it possible to publish your art and music. It comes with the latest web development features, including shape dividers, transforms, hover effects, bulk editing, and layout libraries.

If you don’t know what the above means, don’t worry as Indie Host can help. We’ll work with you to design and deploy a website that’s interactive, engaging, and easily manageable in the future.

Key Features of the Divi Website Theme and Builder

Indie Host works with artists and creatives to build their online presence and give them the tools to maintain their sites. We start by securing the exact domain name they want and then build and release their websites using the latest WordPress development tools.

The Divi Builder helps musicians to:

  • Build modern websites using the latest web technologies (like CSS3, HTML5) that include enhanced security.
  • It provides responsive editing and makes it easier to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Revise, redo, and undo changes to your site to manage how you deploy your changes.
  • Apply global elements and styles quickly and efficiently.
  • It provides dozens of unique page elements to improve your fan experience.

Benefits of Using the Divi WordPress Theme for Your Music Website

The primary benefit of using the Divi Theme for your site is it comes packed with loads of additional templates (or reusable components). It speeds up the development process, provides for scalability, and ensures a dynamic, responsive experience for visitors. With your Divi download, you get access to more than 100 complete website packages. You can quickly customize your website using any of the features and components (and if you need help with any of these changes, Indie Host is available).

Having Complete WordPress Design Control Using the Divi Design System

Divi gives you a complete design system for your WordPress site. We can help you build the site and then train you to make your changes in the future. You’ll have complete control over your music website design and how you want to engage with your fans (or commercial partners) in the future.

To establish an optimized online presence and ensure your fans remain informed about your latest developments, join forces with Indie Host.

We’ll help you understand the latest technologies, develop a content management workflow, and show you how to distribute your content online. As part of the entertainment community, we believe artists should have overall control over their imaging, personas, and content distribution. Using Divi and WordPress as your platform, you’ll be able to control your career and deliver the type of content your fans want with minimal hassle and zero coding experience. 

Establishing an Online Presence with Indie Host and the WordPress Divi Template

Indie Host has almost two decades of experience working in the music industry and building websites for artists. We can help you get your website running quickly and efficiently while giving you control over your brand and imaging.

Now that you know what the Divi WordPress theme is and how Indie Host can help you with our design and hosting services, sign up for an account.