Site Design Agent

Some of you know me. We move in the same circles. You’ve been to my home and place of work. I feel the honor you give, the trust, and respect. It fuels me to step up when you send word. You’re the reason for this site startup. I value your time, faith, and character. To my clients, the team, and guests who’ve come to visit this site, thank you!

The Client Area has a new, fresh, and clean look. Now, I can help you build a site the right way. The aim is to have a place that we can track the web plans we talk of from time to time. Also, I need a prime base to work to be the best for doer for your site. I like to give a massive shout out to  Swiftmodders. Your WHMCS web designs are legit! Thank you for your help with our Dash.


How to Start a Music Website

This blog post is for those who make songs. I write this way to make it easy to know what a site is for and how to use it. Even though some of you get it, this is the first site for most. I want to offer one on one web help. Show what it means to have a place on the web. Read my writings, join if you agree, or would like my help.


Start for Free!

We do not charge to help plan a site.

It would be best if you made a life with your music. You want to earn the cash to pay to live long and well. For this, you’ll need fans and clients who buy from you. Promoters need to book you for shows. It’s time to get organized. We all know that a site, one that we own, is part of the gig.

Yes, it takes much work to start and run a site. Some of you know where to start. Yet, things outside of music bound your time. You may have a family to tend; they need you to do this by the way. You’re causing them harm by hoarding your songs on a hard drive for few to hear. Writing songs takes time also. What if you don’t know how to create the right web place? Now you need to learn a new thing. We can help you. These are just a few bugs we must face when building. The songs we make for fun can help us in life. Music brings fruits when you grow the right way.

Please, don’t let web insects or trolls ruin the whole crop. These pests can destroy the chance to see your ideas made real if you let them. It’s wise to test your songs with time. The words others use can get in the way. See how they hold up to the weather of time. Don’t let the bugs ruin your land of ideas, let your vibes grow. Take care of your songs through the use of the web. Make pages for each album and or song. Get comments on the site to use for your goals. Delete the ones you don’t want.

We can manage the entire site if you want.

A site is your private plot of land on the net. Build it how you want. Make it look and feel the way of your brand. Create sections for online guests who pound the vibes you plant. These steps build the base. Your space can help even at the start of works. Use it to get the thoughts of how they like your beats. There’s no need to be a pro in the beginning. The hits you make grow fruits of success when you plant them the right way.

It’s best to place beats in the fields of soil that you own. Make a store so they can hear and shop for your music. Show the value your hits hold. Run a blog with each beat as a new post. Write some text to give shed more light on each post. Every page on your site lets guests learn more about your vibe and tracks what they like most. Or, again, we can take care of it.