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Where does Indie Host come from? Well, it started with a dream to empower artists and work with professionals to build free websites for musicians.
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JC Johnson

Indie Host

As a sales professional for over twenty years, an audio engineer for fifteen plus years, and a website developer with more than ten years of experience, I look for startups to assist in the entertainment field. My company aims to dispel the myth that it's hard to make money in our industry. The goal is to gather community resources for clients who don't know what they need to earn a living using their skills. So we've picked up the tools you need to clear the path to a functional business model customized for Indie Host clients.

Indie Host : About

The way we listen to and experience music (and entertainment in general) changed drastically over the last twenty years. Where once monopolies were controlling what people heard or had access to, the internet changed all that, and we firmly believe in giving artists and industry professionals the freedom to take control of their careers.

We seek to empower artists by giving them control over their work online while providing them with the tools needed to make it accessible and engaging. How did we get here? Well, it’s something of a passion that became an extension of myself. Hi, I’m JC, and I’m an audio expert from Houston, Texas. Welcome to Indie Host.

Why Indie Host?

Since 2001 I’ve been keenly interested in the music industry, studying to be an audio engineer and working on my career. I was inspired when my cousin Hawleyhood came over to share some good news with me. He had Galo Biani and Taz with him. He told me how they had been in the lab with The New No Limit all night.

At the time, I was stuck in a dead-end job dealing with people that couldn’t vibe. This news inspired me. Grand Master P had always been a hero. My cousin’s achievements inspired me to follow my dreams and get out and do something I truly enjoyed. I needed to learn, so I looked for opportunities to make a change.

Changing Lanes to Make a Change

A couple of years later, I decided to go back to college and study audio (and a little bit of business). I could no longer sell cars and needed something that fed my soul. It was at the same time I learned to build websites.

Eventually, building websites became one of my new skills. I helped people broadcast their ethos, share their vision, and experience their music when I was lucky. There still wasn’t a clear vision for Indie Host, but I became more involved in the industry I loved.

A chance opportunity led me to Guitar Centre, opening more doors to industry professionals. I realized the moment for what it was and decided to sharpen my skills, learn the industry, and support the acts that came through the doors as best I could.

Hard Work and Willingness to Collaborate

As any web developer will tell you, there’s a massive learning curve, especially if you want to create a music site builder with software. I spent my time learning about the nuances of sound at the same time as a web, and the digital distribution of music started booming. The industry was changing, and combining the ability to understand the creative process with the skills to develop a distribution platform was the cutting edge of technology.

I stayed diligent, studied the different tools available, and sharpened my skills. I learned the different platforms, including WIX, BandVista, Weebly, SquareSpace, and others. From these, I knew WordPress as the most promising platform and remained informed about all the significant developments from their open-source community.

Working with so many people over the years, including everyone at Guitar Centre, allowed me to find my passion; and I named it Indie Host.

Working for Change with Indie Host

Artists need someone in their corner that empowers them at the same time. Taking control over our destinies is how Indie Host was born, and how we think every artist or creative should be enabled going forward.

Controlling your online presence is the first step to engaging directly with fans, ensuring your views and positions are contextualized, and ultimately sharing your creations on your terms. Indie Host is here to help those who need a mechanism that fosters engagement with fans. It’s a service that helps to get messages across, with social media integration and user activation built into your music site.

Introducing MUSIC BLOGIC

To show what’s possible with modern web-design tools, I built MUSIC BLOGIC. It’s an integrated audio and visual theme that can help you quickly set up your site.

MUSIC BLOGIC’s features include:

  • A customizable layout using WordPress and Divi Builder.
  • A connection to stores such as Airbit, Beatstars, and Soundclick.
  • A link to social networks, including WordPress Embed and the Monarch Plugin.
  • Blog strategy tools and SEO Optimization from WordPress

While that’s only an indication of what’s possible, it provides artists with a great start to building an online presence.

Using Indie Host for Music and Entertainment Hosting Needs

If you need to know how Indie Host can help your band or group, feel free to get in touch. WordPress with the Divi theme is one of the best website builders for musicians in 2020, and we have the skills and expertise to deploy your site quickly and efficiently. For pro users, we provide themes that help build free websites for musicians. If you need more assistance, feel free to contact me today.