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Indie Host sincerely works to unify and quick-track those we meet. To start online businesses, our ambition is to apply the skills we have to create a site that gets results for the clients that join us. We give them a suite of web builder tools so they can build a site that earns money. Encouraging careers, it is best to have a place where guests can learn how to get involved.

More than a basic host, we develop online business structure and training for those who want it. Our agents step in to install WordPress, Divi Builder, and Plugins, so to start a site for you. They step up to run a web project to be free to do what matters most should you choose to upgrade. Once we optimize search engines’ to direct web traffic to your site, our writers create your blog’s contents. And they write a base of knowledge to help you reach. Further, the choice and info are yours to share or keep private for internal web use.

We give you the power to grow a safety net of contacts when you meet them. To serve you best, place them on a system connected directly to your company or cause. A mobile-friendly website so that you can do it all from the phone, pad, and surface devices. We join their team when they build a website on our server.

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Fearless Leaeder

Where does Indie Host come from? Well, it started with a dream to empower artists and work with professionals to build free websites for musicians.
JC Johnson

JC Johnson

Developer & Founder